Story Series

The Forensix Mysteries
These grew up out of the Urban Fey universe. Crime is a common component of urban life so it seemed natural that the City would have its fair share as well. Forensix is the faerie charged with solving mysteries for the Urban Court. Lady Forensix is a tough gumshoe, too jaded to take her title seriously. The last thing she wants is to become entangled in politics. But politics have a way of becoming entangled with her cases.

The Case of the Art Critic : A Forensix Mystery was originally published as “Forensix” in New Myths in March 2011.

Letters from the Desert
Vitor, a war veteran, can’t find peace in civilian life. One day, he walks into the desert to escape from well-intentioned therapists and to find answers to questions he barely has formed in his mind. These are letters he wrote during his journey to his younger sister, Sarena.
Letters start here.

Merethe’s Heart

This series of poems defines a creation story and mythology with gender-fluid/non-gendered deities. It creates the mythological foundation for a fantasy world in which I will continue to explore the themes outlined in this set.

Creation Story

Ada’s Song

This story explores the role of music and community in war and in healing. I also played with the idea of silence as a weapon. It takes place in the world of Merethe’s Heart.

Ada’s Song begins here

Ghosts in the Suicide Forest

This story fits somewhere between science fiction and horror. It takes on the hard subject of suicide and the opaqueness of reasons for committing it. I chose to focus not on the reasons why someone might choose suicide but rather on the struggles of those left behind as they search for meaning in the loss of their loved ones. In addition to coping with grief, they often wander labyrinth of self-recriminations – what could I have said or done to prevent this from happening? There is a real suicide forest in Japan. I wondered how such a thing could develop. My suicide forest exists in a Wisconsin of the far futures and is part of the same universe as Letters from the Desert.

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Brahma’s Missile

This story was my first published work and appeared in Crossed Genres in the summer of 2011. It is an alternate history story exploring a different configuration of super powers and nations in the early 20th century. The branching point for this alternate universe is the battle of Gwalior where the Rani Lakshmi Bai died fighting British troops. What if she had lived? The nuclear bomb development program I describe is based on the actual Indian program. I just moved it back a few decades. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.

Brahma’s Missile begins here

Come Like a Tailor

Come Like a Tailor is the first story I wrote in my far-futures world. It was first published inDefending the Future: No Man’s Land in May, 2011 by Dark Quest Books. You’ll see some of these characters making an appearance in my far-futures novel that is in progress.

The Rani of Jhansi Regiment mentioned in the story is based on an actual regiment of theIndian National Army during World War II.  They were an all women’s regiment of ex-patriots fighting to overthrow British rule in India. Captain Lakshmi Sahgal was their leader.

Finally, the names for the bombs in the Indian nuclear program are based on the actual historical names. I can’t make up stuff like that so I just moved it back by a few decades.

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M.U.S.E. is the story of how the Muses might interact with humans. It’s based, in part, on my friend Jane’s steps of the creative process. This is my explanation of why those stages occur and just what it is the Muses might get out of interacting with us. This story first appeared in UnConventional: Twenty-two tales of Paranormal Gatherings Under the Guise of Conventions, 2012 by Spencer Hill Press.

M.U.S.E. begins here.

Doll Trouble

This story explores what happens when you attempt to trick a trickster. Crow and Raven are visiting Fox in Japan during the time of the Doll Festival. What could possibly go wrong? This story first appeared in Holiday Magick, 2013, Spencer Hill Press.

Doll Trouble begins here.