Science Fiction 

Come Like a Tailor, published in Defending the Future: No Man’s Land in May, 2011 by Dark Quest Books


Forensix, published in New Myths in March 2011

M.U.S.E., published in UnConventional in Jan, 2012 by Spencer Hill Press

Doll Trouble, published in Holiday Magick in May 2013, by Spencer Hill Press

Spin, Weave, and Measure, published in Bad-Ass Faeries : It’s Elemental in May 2014, by Dark Quest Books

Alternate History

Brahma’s Missile, published in Crossed Genres, Issue 9 in August 2009


Urban Fey, with Rhea Ewing, Mystic Sheep Studios Press (also available in print)

Revenge of the Nature Imps, Mystic Sheep Studios Press

Chaos and Mayhem: Imp Adventures with Corin Ewing

Bioluminescent Lisp with Rhea Ewing

Bioluminescent Lisp Issue 2: Shenanigans with Rhea Ewing