The Aether Masters – Part 6

Izabela frowned at her brother. “You don’t usually manipulate more than light.”

“Yes, well, it was better than being blown away or, worse, being stranded in the desert because the balloon was carried off in the wind.”

“True. Still, you must have had quite the headache the next morning.”

“It wasn’t too bad,” Dmitrio said wryly. “Mal made strong coffee for me. I was, frankly, more concerned about Teri’s reaction.”




Dmitrio opened his eyes and stared up at the wooden ceiling. He was lying on a pile of blankets. At least it was softer than the ground. Warm air blew through small slats on each side of the gondola, allowing fresh air to circulate through the lower deck. A square of light to his right marked where the hatch opened up to the upper deck. It was bright. He sat up slowly and rubbed his throbbing temples.

“You’re awake,” said Teri as he descended the ladder. “Mal asked me to bring you coffee.”

Dmitrio gratefully accepted the mug. “Thank you. What time is it?”

“Nearly noon. You fell asleep almost before you hit the bed yesterday evening.” Teri sat down on a nearby bunk. “Mal said you’d have a headache today.”

“How is the balloon?” asked Dmitrio.

“In one piece, thanks to you.” Teri fidgeted, not making eye contact. “I didn’t think there were any more Aether Masters.”

Dmitrio rubbed his eyes tiredly. “I’m hardly a Master. Just an illusionist who occasionally over reaches his abilities.”

“I suppose I should have known when you said your family was descended from Erinn. It runs in the blood. Is Marta also one?”

“More so than I,” said Dmitrio. “Our father also carried the talent. My younger sister applies her abilities to glass shaping.”

“And that’s why Marta is seeking Aether Master books and relics.”

“Yes.” Dmitrio watched Teri over the top of his coffee. “So?”

Teri stood. “So, we go find Marta and figure it out from there.”


copyright 2015, all rights reserved, Kimberley Long-Ewing