Spin, Weave, and Measure : Part 3


      “It looks like we’ve caught one. Shall we pull in the net?” Rose stretched and yawned. “He should be here soon.”

      Thorn unraveled their work across websites and forums. “About time. Containment and control of the information was challenging.”

      Yarrow swallowed a bite of noodles from a carry-out container. “Oh, you love a challenge. You don’t fool me.”

      There was a knock on their office door. Sheila, president of Weaver Orb Web Services, let herself in. As a mortal, she had no idea that her top web development team were fairies. “I thought I smelled Chinese take-out. Burning the midnight oil?”

      Rose offered her a fortune cookie. “Indeed. Hate to stop when we’re so close to finishing a project.”

      Sheila accepted the cookie. “Is the Henderson account giving you trouble? I could pull in others to help.”

      Yarrow waved her off. “No worries. We’re just tying up loose ends.”

      “At least you’re salaried. I’d hate to pay your overtime.”

      Thorn said without looking up, “Our compensations are more than adequate for our needs.”

      “Glad to hear it. Thank you for the hard work,” said Shiela.

“And what do you have planned this evening?” asked Yarrow.

“I’m meeting up with an old high school friend who’s in town for business.” Sheila read her fortune. “Our first and last love is self-love,” She smirked and added, “in bed.” She winked as she pulled the door closed on her way out. “Have a nice evening, ladies. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

      “I like her,” Rose mused. “Let’s see… my fortune says, You are creative and action oriented… in bed.”

      Yarrow laughed. “Nice. Mine says, Your hard work is sure to pay off soon… in bed. What’s yours, Thorn?”

      “I make my own fortunes, thank you very much. Besides, you gave my cookie to Sheila.”

      Yarrow offered her half of her cookie. “I’ll share.”

      “That won’t be necessary. Get to work, ladies.”

      Yarrow looked over the profile of their next customer. “Interesting. Very well, thread for a dream.” She spun thread made of binary code.

      “Cloth woven for a vision.” Rose wove the thread into a pattern of innovation and desire, white and red on a field of black.

      “Cut to length for manifestation.” Thorn took the cloth from the 3-D printer, measured it, and trimmed it. She bound the ends with finality and clarity.

      Another knock at the door. Rose opened it. “Yes?”

      A slightly balding man in his mid-forties said, “I’m seeking the gianes.”  

      Rose stepped back. “You’ve found them. You must be Steven. Please, come in.”

      Steven muttered, “Said the spider to the fly.”

      “A sense of humor, very good. And truer than you know,” said Thorn as she turned away from her monitor. She looked Steven over with a critical eye, taking his measure. “I am Thorn. This is Rose and Yarrow.”

      “You weren’t easy to find.”

      “We left a trail of bread crumbs for the worthy,” said Thorn. “That melting lyric of molten silver be for a signal to listening mortals.”

      Steven took a seat and looked them over speculatively. “I don’t normally chase faerie tales. What are you?”

      Rose smiled enigmatically. “I sense the secrets of the stars and share shadows with the moon.

      “We are weavers of things that,” Yarrow continued, “no thought can think nor tongue of mortal tell.

      Thorn asked, “What do you seek?”

      “An edge.”

      Thorn shrugged. “Easy enough. What do you offer?”

      “Money. Influence. Power.”

      Rose waved him off. “Give us something we don’t have.”

      Steven considered. “If my idea succeeds, you’ll be able to extend your reach.”

      “What can we not touch?” Thorn crossed her arms.

      “If the stories are true. But there must be something you need. Perhaps ease of access?”

      Rose nodded. “That is of value. Thorn certainly appreciates efficiency.”

      “Let me tell you about a project…”


Yarrow is quoting from The Complete Works of Shakespeare, Project Gutenberg Etext, Copyright 1990-1993, World Library, Inc.

Rose is quoting from The Seventh Octave : The Early Writings of Saul Williams, Moore Black Press, New York, New York, 1998′

Thorn quotes from Sappho : One Hundred Lyrics by Bliss Carman, Project Gutenberg EBook, May 2004


Copyright 2014, Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved