Brahma’s Missile – part 8

7 Bhadrapada, 1867, Hindu solar calendar

Abilasha turned on the radio. “Hurry, Rama, Ambassador Ghandi will be delivering his speech soon.”

Dayaram sat down on the divan next to her and handed her a cup of tea. “He will do fine, Asha. Ah, he’s starting.”

The radio crackled as the Ambassador began his address to the League of Nations. “Last week we saw a most grave injustice. The United States of America deemed, without the consent of her allies, to drop two bombs of horrific power on civilians. We have heard their justification for this action. Bharat calls them to task and demands that they be held accountable. We demand that this League create rules of war severely limiting the use of such weapons. We also demand that the rebuilding of Japan be put under the authority of the League rather than the United States.”

There were shouts from the audience as various nations started arguing. The American Ambassador challenged the claim that their allies had not agreed to the bombings while the Chinese demanded that Japan be handed over to them. Abilasha turned down the volume.

Dayaram said, “It seems we’ve stirred up some controversy with that speech. Well done.”

“It’s a start. We will continue to push for peace. Mr. Ghandi is most compelling in his arguments. Perhaps the hornets will return to their nest.”

Sage Sundara smiled at them from his desk then resumed work on his saga.

Lakshmi gathered up all of Brahma’s Missiles, hiding them in the folds of her sari and returned with them to the Cosmos. In answer to Vishnu’s questioning look, she said, “Forbid Brahma from creating any more of these. Mortals are too foolish to be trusted with them. The world is far too beautiful to destroy.”

Vishnu laughed. “They will build their own Divine Weapons if we don’t provide them. They dance their own destruction.” He closed his eyes and returned to dreaming the illusions of a thousand worlds.

The End

copyright 2011 by Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved