Brahma’s Missile – part 6

5 Jyaistha, 1867, Hindu solar calendar

Abilasha watched the footage of the Smiling Buddha tests in horrified fascination. Dayaram sat between her and Dr. Raja Ramanna. The eminent, middle-aged scientist was somber as they watched the footage. It ran from the initial mushroom cloud, the shock wave, and ensuing fire storm.

The flapping of the film on the reel at the end of the movie was the only sound for several minutes. Dr. Ramanna’s assistant shut of the projector and turned on the lights. Everyone in the room watched the Rani to see her reaction.

Abilasha stared at the screen. Dayaram finally shifted in his chair and gave a slight cough. She looked at him. “What would that do to a city?”

Dayaram looked to Dr. Ramanna who answered, “Rani, it would destroy an entire city.”

Abilasha shook her head in disbelief. “Just the one bomb?”

“Yes. What you don’t see on the film are the radiation readings in the area afterwards. We don’t fully understand the impact it will have as of yet. We do know that radiation is a poison.”

“Tell me about this poison.”

Dr. Ramanna shifted in his chair. “We had soldiers around the perimeter for security. They were unharmed by the initial blast but have been falling ill in the days since then. The symptoms include nausea, vomiting, headaches, fever, and weakness. The wounds of the few injured during the exercise are healing slower than normal. I have assembled medical teams to treat and study the course of the poison.”

Abilasha asked incredulously, “And you named this Smiling Buddha? What do you plan to call the next one?”

Dr. Ramanna studied his hands. “I’m not sure.”

Sage Sundara suggested, “Brahma’s missile.”

Abilasha turned to him. “Why?”

The Sage answered, “So that we will remember that to use it is to burn up the world. Our stories tell us that Brahma would admonish a Warrior with this reminder anytime one would attempt to use His divine weapon.”

Dayaram said, “I won’t argue for once. It’s a weapon we should only use in the direst of circumstances.”

Abilasha agreed. “Still, it is a strong defense. How are the Americans progressing with their Manhattan Project?”

Dayaram answered, “Our spies tell me that they are almost ready to test their first bomb.”

Abilasha leaned back thoughtfully. “I spoke with the new American President over the telephone last month after Mr. Roosevelt’s funeral. He seemed a most practical and reasonable man. I will want to speak with Mr. Truman after they have tested their bomb.”

copyright 2011 by Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved