Brahma’s Missile – Part 3

29 Margasirsha, 1863, Hindu solar calendar

Roosevelt used his wheelchair until they were at the entrance to the Rani’s apartment, and then he stood and took his cane. He said to his aide, “It’s a good sign that she’s called us back so quickly. After yesterday’s speech, I figured it would be another year or so before she came around to our way of thinking. I wonder what changed her mind.” He knocked on the door.

Dayaram answered the door himself. He looked worried and tired. As he ushered the President in, Dayaram said, “It seems you will get your wish. The Japanese attacked eight of our trading vessels yesterday afternoon. They were not equipped to fight off five Japanese warships. I fear all were lost.”

Roosevelt shook his head sadly. “That would explain why the Japanese weren’t at the funeral. I’m sorry it came to this.”

Dayaram said softly, “As are we.” Drawing a deep breath, he continued firmly, “Come. The Chinese are already here. We have a war to plan.”

copyright 2011 by Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved