Ghosts in the Suicide Forest – Part 3

Alice mumbled, “That’s terrible.”

“Yes,” Maiv said simply.

“Why did he do it?”

She sighed. “Why does anyone?”

Alice’s brow furrowed. She said angrily, “It’s not the same.”

The old woman set the hologram on the table and turned it on. Alice and Sasha were at a Sondheim-in-the-park festival. “She’s very pretty.”

“Yes. That was our first date.” Alice said sadly. “Her family arranged her marriage.”

“Not to you?”

“No. I couldn’t buy out her shares.” Tears welled up. “We thought… if we’d had another year or two to raise the share price.” She blew her nose on the proffered handkerchief. “Is that why Marco killed himself?”

“No. We were already married.” The old woman studied the dregs in her cup, as if divining the answer. “He was tormented by different ghosts. It was many months before I found the names and shapes of some them, before I found the glasses.”

Copyright 2014, Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved