New series – Ghosts in the Suicide Forest

We start a new story this week and I’ve chosen to share “Ghosts in the Suicide Forest” with you next. It’s a science fiction/horror story. I know, just what you wanted for the holidays. You’re welcome.

This story explores, at it’s heart, those left behind when someone commits suicide. The confusion, the searching for reasons, the what ifs and only ifs. Is there something we could have said or done to dissuade our friend or loved one from committing suicide? How often does a chance encounter change the course of someone’s life? These are not easily answered questions. I certainly don’t know and I’ve played the ‘what if’ game on a few occasions. I hold those friends in my heart that did not choose to continue living. I hold those in my heart that have told me they almost did but didn’t. The reasons for suicide are as varied and complex as the people who choose this path. I don’t pretend to have the answers; only the questions left behind in their passing.

Science fiction and horror explore the realms of what ifs. What if you found a way to reach back through time to that moment when someone is choosing to kill themselves. Could you find the words to change their minds?

This story will start on November 6th run through late January.