Coydog goes Kayaking, Part 5

Coydog, Rabbit, and Tortoise are camping on a sandbar in the middle of the Wisconsin River. Earlier, Coydog stole a fish from Eagle who was later seen by Raven talking to Thunderbird. But I’m sure nothing will come of that. Really. 
The rain started gently enough. A few drops here, a few there. Coydog woke up enough to crawl under her kayak. It wasn’t long before she was snoring again. The rain became steady. Then the winds came, blowing the trees this way and that. The tents shook. Then the wind found Coydog. It picked up her kayak and tossed it up in a tree three sandbars away. Rain poured down as thunder rattled the clouds. Coydog opened one eye just in time to see Hare’s tent roll by followed by Hare herself. He reached out and grabbed her.

“Thanks,” she mumbled.

“Let’s see if Tortoise will let us in her tent. You ask.”

Tortoise agreed and carefully rearranged her gear to make room. Hare gratefully accepted a towel and sat down in one corner. Coydog shook herself from nose to tail. Tortoise sighed and dried everything off.

The wind was driving the rain sideways, lifting up the rainfly just enough to let a little water in from time to time. Coydog just curled up in the middle of the tent and went back to sleep, her ear occasionally twitching whenever a drop landed on it. Hare moved around from corner to corner, trying to find a dry spot. Tortoise settled down in her shell next to Coydog and pulled a rain poncho over her.

The skies cleared by dawn.

Hare was irritable. She didn’t like being wet. “Let’s just get on the river and go home.”

Tortoise was just returning with Coydog’s kayak. “The current is running fast so we should make good time.”

Once again, her predictions were accurate despite Coydog. She only had to stop three times to pull her off a sandbar or out of a downed tree.

Hare opined upon the third such incident, “Just leave her there.”

Tortoise shook her head. “I suspect that would go worse for us in the long run.”

“Hmph. I suppose you have a point.”

Coydog just grinned innocently.

They arrived at the pick-up point in good time. Coydog fell out of the kayak when she hit the beach, getting completely soaked.

“I meant to do that,” she grumbled.

Tortoise suspected that was a lie but wisely kept it to herself.

The End.