Coydog goes Kayaking, Part 4

Rabbit, Tortoise, and Coydog have stopped to set up camp for tonight on a sandbar in the Wisconsin River.
Tortoise bumped Coydog’s kayak so it would hit the sandbar, figuring she’d just let it float on down the river all night otherwise. Coydog fell off when it landed. She stood and shook off the water then pulled her kayak up next to Hare’s. In the meantime, Hare had pitched her tent.

Tortoise started slowly and deliberately setting up her tent. She triple checked the rain fly, tied it down to several tent stakes and a couple of trees for good measure.

Coydog yawned and stretched. “I don’t think it’s going anywhere.”

“One can never be too careful. You might want to set up your tent before the rains start.”

Coydog flopped down on the beach. “Who needs a stinkin’ tent? A little water never hurt anybody.”

Hare staked her tent down in the sand then looked at the sky. “I’m guessing rain after midnight,” she decided as she turned her attention to starting a camp fire.

Coydog disagreed. “Won’t hit until tomorrow afternoon.”

Tortoise added a few more tie-downs to her tent. “Did we bring marshmallows?”

Hare did a face-palm. “I knew I was forgetting something.”

“Perhaps we could call someone to bring us … oh right. We’re in the middle of the river.”

Coydog thought on the problem. She loved roasted marshmallows. “Maybe Fox could do an air drop. Or, I know! We could have Turtle float them down from the last boat launch area! Or maybe Squirrel could borrow a motorboat… ”

Hare pulled out her phone and texted Raven. A few moments later, she smiled victoriously. “Raven will fly them in but we have to share.”

Coydog relaxed. “See? A solution always presents itself.”

Raven delivered the marshmallows as promised. He carefully blackened his without setting it on fire. “I passed thunderbird on my way here. Eagle was having quite the conversation with him.”

Tortoise was browning her marshmallow over the edge of the coals. “Oh dear. I knew it was going to rain tonight.”

Hare evenly browned hers, held just out of flames reach. “We’ll be fine.”

Raven eyed the sky suspiciously. “I’m sure. Still, I think I’d better be going.” He flew off into the night, following the stars.

Coydog’s marshmallow was, of course, on fire. She waved it around and it flew off the stick, landing in her tail. Two more soon followed. As she worked on licking them out, Tortoise nervously triple checked her tent stakes and Hare fluffed up her sleeping bag. Soon, all three were sleeping soundly. Coydog’s snoring drifted out over the river and to the ears of Thunderbird.