Coydog goes Kayaking, Part 3

Coydog is kayaking with Rabbit and Tortoise who are wondering if inviting her along was such a good idea after all. 
Coydog was spinning in an ever tightening circle. She looked over the side and stared intently at the dark spot she was orbiting. “oooh….”

Hare scowled. “Yes … what are you doing now?”

Tortoise had caught up with them by this point. “What is it?” She and Hare paddle closer.

Coydog pointed at the spot. “It’s a black hole.”

Hare shook her head. “It is not a black hole.”

Coydog glanced up at her, grinning. “Are you sure about that? Take a look.”

Hare sniffed and rowed closer. She examined the phenomenon. It was indeed a small black whirlpool. “I can’t see anything beneath the water here.” She sounded awed.

Coydog said, “Of course you can’t. It’s a black hole. Granted, a very small one … but still.”

Tortoise came closer, deciding it was probably safe. “Wow.”

They stayed and stared into the whirlpool for several minutes, Coydog continuing to circle around it. Hare finally decided to move on. Coydog reached out and grabbed hold of the back tip of her kayak as she paddled way so she could tow her free from the current. Hare was surprised at the drag and looked around then hit Coydog with her paddle.

“No freeloading. Where’s your paddle anyway?”

Coydog rubbed her head, laughing. She let go of her kayak and stretched back out. “Who needs a stinkin’ paddle?”

“And what would you have done if I hadn’t been here to tow you out?” inquired a rather exasperated Hare.

“A solution would have presented itself eventually.” Butterflies were gathering on Coydog’s kayak, one even landing on her nose. She waved it way absently. “Talk about freeloaders.”

Tortoise just giggled. “Hey, what sort of birds are those?” She pointed to a group of tall birds with long dark necks up ahead on the shore.

Hare squinted in that direction then said with authority, “They appear to be cranes of some sort.”

“I’ve never seen a crane with such colors. Are you certain they aren’t geese?”

Coydog offered, “They are the rare Wisconsin goose cranes.”

Hare splashed her, displacing several of the butterflies and dragonflies on her kayak. “I think not.”

Tortoise considered. “It’s possible, I suppose.”

Coydog wrinkled her nose then wipe the water off her face. “Thanks for chasing those freeloaders off. And since when are you an expert on birds? Are you a predator?”

Hare snorted derisively and paddled off. “We need to start looking for a place to camp.” She selected a stable sandbar and pulled up on it.