Merethe’s Heart – Fragments of a Heart

Fragments of a Heart

After Merethe shattered
Driven mad by jealous spirits
Zir heart now a thousand shards
carefully gathered
by grieving hands
hoarded as treasures
fragments of frail memories.

Setheria planted the shards
creating new people
Aesor warmed them
Dree gave them breath
Jormun bestowed wisdom.

The people, born of Merethe’s heart,
some male, some female,
some loved the darkness
others the light
some embraced the song
others paths of stillness.

They sought
the love of their creators
comfort of warm sunlight
laughter in playful winds
beauty in autumn leaves
solace in winter’s silence.

They sought
love and companionship
seeking out one another
looking for a resonating heart
fitting a shard
or shards
to their own hearts
no matter the shape
or color
seeing only the fragments of Merethe.

Copyright 2014 by Kimberley Long-Ewing
Art by Rhea Ewing