Merethe’s Heart – The Ice Rose

The Ice Rose

Merethe dove deep
into watery silence
through sun-warmed waters
through cold blue waters
between standing stones
over rocky seabeds
finding a hidden grotto where
Jormun waited
seated on a lily pad.

“Come, Merethe, I have a gift.”
Ze held a single rose, petals clear as ice.
Ze invited, “Breathe softly upon it.”

Gazing into one another’s eyes
mingled breath carressed the rose
turning it the blue of Jormun’s eyes
and green of fair Merethe’s
who was delighted.

Then tinkling bells and scent of blossoms
caught Merethe’s breath
zir delighted laughter turning
the rose lavender as Dree’s eyes.

And Merethe danced on to Dree
then Aesor, on to Setheria
then back to Jormun to find
ze was still, silent as ice
the rose white as snow
cold as Jormun’s heart.

Copyright 2014 by Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved
Art by Rhea Ewing