Merethe’s Heart – Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Red and gold leaves swirled
Merethe twirling in their midst
asking, “Why do they fall?”

Dark Setheria, handing an acorn
to a squirrel, said,
“It is part of the dance.
Bare trees are a different
sort of beauty lasting only
until spring.”

“Come with me, fair Merethe,
to my home deep in underground.
we will plant in the spring
coax roots and shoots in the summer
harvest in the fall
slumber in each other’s arms in winter.”

“I will visit your home
warm Setheria
but I cannot stay,”
said sad Merethe.

Serethia sighed “I know.
You must dance with Dree
bask in Aesor’s warmth
drink in Jormun’s cool waters.
So must the trees and soil.”

“I will visit you again,” said Merethe
gliding away, already drawn by
murmuring streams.

Setheria withdrew into the
embrace of soil and roots
the stillness of a winter forest.

Copyright 2014 by Kimberley Long-ewing
Art by Rhea Ewing