Merethe’s Heart – Dancing Sunlight

Dancing Sunlight

Aesor’s warm caress brushed
Merethe’s cheek where ze slept
on soft turf near a cool brook
sunlight dancing
sparkling on the water
kisses on zir eyes and brow.

Merethe rose, pink blush on zir cheeks
reflected in the morning sky.
Ze took Aesor’s hand
lingering that day to
paint rainbows across blue sky
accompanied by
cicada songs
laughter shimmering in
waves of heat.

“Come live in my palace in the sky,”
said Aesor, voice rolling thunder
“You will be the moon to my sun
and we will light the sky
day and night.”

“I will visit your sun palace,”
replied serene Merethe
“But I will not linger.
I wish to dance with Dree
Feel the earthy embrace of Setheria
Swim in Jormun’s cool waters.”

Merethe danced down to dark soil.
Aesor withdrew to zir palace
pulling zir golden light around zir.

Copyright 2014 by Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved
Art by Rhea Ewing