Merethe’s Heart – Melodies on Bluebells


Melodies on Bluebells

Seed pods spinning
drifting down
Pale green against deep blue sky
Merethe spinning as they swirl
Clouds blown clear by Dree.

Racing through tall grass
bare feet springing lightly
on warm ground
Dree flying, weaving
around Merethe
brushing flower petals with
cool fingers on zir cheek.

Merethe flopping down
on the bank of a stream
sides heaving
gulping air scented with cherry blossoms
and sweet rain.
Soft turf cradles zir
warm sunlight for a blanket
cool brook to refresh zir.

Jealous Dree whispers
“Come fly with me
among the clouds and spinning seeds.
Let me carry you, envelop you.”

“Another day,”
replies fair Merethe.
“Now I wish to drowse in warm sunlight.”

Dree tore through the forest
howled through ravines
pounded against rock.
Gathered leaves, molds, dust
mingled loss with cherry blossoms
the sharp chill of sorrow
with scent of spring rain.

Copyright 2014 by Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved
Art by Rhea Ewing