Merethe’s Heart – Creation Story

Creation Story
Long ago, before the age of clans, there was a storm.
The potential of the universe swirled and raged
seeking form and meaning.
Energy arced, created lightning which split the storm.

And there was the Light and the Dark.
Aesor formed the sun and stars.
The warmth of zir footsteps on the soil woke
Setheria who shaped the soil and shadow.

Setheria followed Aesor
zir footsteps chimed the first notes of the Song.
Aesor turned when ze heard it and struck
by Setheria’s beauty, ze invited zir to dance.

Ripples of light and dark spun out in their wake
crashing on rock, shattering into
reds and greens, yellows and blues
oranges and violets, coloring the world.
The dance created day and night
hot and cold, song and silence.

A warm wind blew around the dancers, carrying the song.
Setheria was pleased and named the wind Dree.
The silence between their steps cooled and refreshed them.
Aesor was pleased and named the silence Jormun.

Life sprang up around them in many forms.
Trees and flowers, grass and mushrooms
fish and fowl, hunter and prey
and Merethe, most beloved.

Ze was shaped from the clay by Setheria
Aesor gave zir the spark of creativity and laughter
The breath of life was given by Dree
Jormun gave zir wisdom and contemplation.

Merethe danced
among the stars, moon, and sun
sang with the wind
slept in cool shadows.

The spirits demanded more and more of Merethe’s time
each believing their lessons and gifts most important
Dree sought to sing with zir, Aesor sought to dance with zir
Setheria sought to share the secrets of the soil
Jormun sought to share the paths of silence.

Each spirit grew jealous
demanding that Merethe love zir best.
They fought for zir devotion
Rock blocked out light, water washed away rock
wind blew away water.

Merethe was battered and tossed
from one to the other, finding no rest, no peace
ze begged for them to find harmony and rhythm
they could not hear zir pleas over their dissonance.

Distraught, Merethe ran across
steppes and forests, jungles and deserts
across low valleys and wide rivers
to the top of the highest mountains.
Ze threw zirself off the peak onto the rocks
and shattered.

The thousand, thousand shards of Merethe came to life
male and female, some dark, some light
foolish and wise, some sang, some were silent.
They gathered into tribes, each devoted to a different spirit.
And begat the Age of Clans.

Copyright 2014, Kimberley Long-Ewing, All rights reserved

Art by Rhea Ewing