Letters from the Desert – 21 March, 2433

Dear Serena,

Sometimes, I look around to find Fly staring at me; through me even. Sends chills through me. Then Fly will just grin and move on. It’s more disturbing when I wake in the night to find him doing that staring thing. Kinda hard to get back to sleep when he grins like that. I guess I still pass muster.

Dora asked me what my question was. Told her I still didn’t have one and she just frowned then gave Fly a funny look. Fly shrugged and said it was time. Dora didn’t seem convinced. I’m not so sure myself.

We’ll arrive in Taos tomorrow. Joaquin swore it was the heart of the Deeva network. I still don’t know what I’m seeking but I feel this hope that maybe, just maybe, I’ll find it there. I feel that anticipation I always felt when Joaquin was coming back from an afternoon or day apart.

Stay safe, little sister.




copyright 2014, Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved