Letters from the Desert – 23 Jan, 2433

Dear Sarena,

The zone went hot when the Scorpion took exception to one of the new travelers in our happy little caravan. Ze cornered the poor soul against a boulder and refused to let zir rejoin the group. Looked like a kid to me; one of those fresh eighteen-year-old rich kids we get in the army that need so much babysitting. You know the type – a blondie who signed up as an act of rebellion against their Ma and Da and we have to keep them safe until they are moved to a desk job. Anyway, Scorpion was clacking angrily like ze suspected treachery.  

Fly and Dora had a long talk with the kid. Ze was going by the name Frez. Ze insisted ze was just an explorer, filling time between college and a job. So Fly got the bucket of water and ladled a bit of it into a glass which he then offered Frez. About twenty minutes later, the kid was acting different and started talking, like ze’d been given a truth serum, and admitted to being a spy for the North American States. Ze cried and the tears pooled together and returned to the bucket. Then Fly let Friz go, telling zer to go home. Ze was gone the next morning.

I asked Fly why they didn’t shoot the spy. Fly said there was no point; it was better to send them back with planted information as that was the way the Deevas wanted it. I suppose that makes sense. Agents start disappearing into the desert and pretty soon an army gets sent in.

I don’t even want to know where the rest of the water went or if it came back.




copyright 2014, Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved