Letters from the Desert – 17 Jan, 2433

Dear Sarena,

Turns out Fly’s preferred pronoun is ‘he’. He’s more human than I would have imagined. Said he’s second-gen and was shaped by the Deevas, not the mad scientists. Not sure how I feel about one mad scientist’s experiment tinkering with the experiments of an even madder scientist. But Fly is, if not spotless, then at least sound. Maybe as spotless as a Fury can be.

We picked up some stragglers today; a luckless caravan that barely survived the roadblock. We found their camp where they were trying to regroup. We’re taking them with us. Dora says humans got to stick together out here.

I swear the Scorpion clicked zir claws and I understood ze was thinking that the humans needed to stick together and employ shepherds like Dora and bodyguards – sheepdogs against wolves. Maybe Fly’s crazy is wearing off on me.

Stay safe, little sister.




copyright 2014, Kimberley Long-Ewing, all rights reserved