Publishing Agreement News

I’m very excited to be able to finally tell you about the book contract I signed with Spencer Hill Press. They purchased Curse of the Goblin Travelers for publication in early 2016 (the press release below says 2015 but it would be late in the year if that is when it happens). It includes so many things dear to me – steampunk technology, non-traditional gender roles, LGBTQ characters, non-white majority races, hot air balloons, and flying messenger bunnies set in a small continent covered in high, dense mountains. I’ll be telling you more about the characters and the world of this book over the coming months. Trisha is an awesome editor who is very supportive of my vision for this book. While it is being marketed as middle grade (think How to Train Your Dragon, Dragonsbreath, Harry Potter), I believe it will be appealing to all ages.  More soon, I promise!

From today’s Publisher’s Marketplace ,under Children’s middle grade :

Kimberley Long-Ewing’s CURSE OF THE GOBLIN TRAVELERS, a steampunk tale of twins orphaned when their hot-air balloon crashes who must find their way home and save their people from a curse turning them into goblins, to Trisha Wooldridge at Spencer Hill Press, in a nice deal, for publication in 2015, by Rebecca Mancini of RightsMix (World English).