“Spin, Weave, and Measure” will appear in Bad-Ass Faeries : It’s Elemental

My short story, “Spin, Weave, and Measure”, will appear in Bad-Ass Faeries : It’s Elemental, due out in May 2014 from Dark Quest Books. Looks like I’m in some good company – here is the table of contents. (Note who’s story is first.)

Earth Elementals
Kimberley Long-Ewing — Spin, Weave, and Measure
Jagi Lamplighter — On Rocky Ground
Judi Fleming — Friends in Dark Places
Air Elementals
James Chambers — The Flying Rock
Danny Birt — To Thy Sylph Be True
Danielle Ackley-McPhail — Ride Like the Wind
DL Thurston — The Face of the Serpent
James Daniel Ross — The Legend of Buck Cooper and the Child of Fire
James R. Stratton — Ties That Bind
Water Elementals
Patrick Thomas — Looking a Gift Horse
NR Brown — Melia’s Best Wave
Bethany Herron — Fairyland Local 2413
Spirit Elementals
Jody Lynn Nye — Fifteen Percent
Keith R. A. DeCandido — Undine the Boardwalk
Lee C. Hillman — Bad Blood

The book is available for pre-order via Dark Quest Books