Upcoming Cons and other updates

I just realized that I’m a very bad blogger. It’s been… what? May since I last posted? I failed to tell you about how I’d be at ConVergence or DiversiCon. I haven’t told you that I finished a novel and will hopefully have good news about that in the near future. Nor have I kept up with the Diaries project or started the new Character Sketches project. Such a bad blogger.

I apologize and hang my head in shame.

I’d offer excuses. There was that novel I was writing. And then there are the next three projects all in pieces and strewn across my desk, requiring – nay, demanding! – my attention. There have been life stuff happening in the household of unusual but generally for the better sort that are boring to those not involved. But I know better. I don’t buy these excuses and I’m certain that you, dear readers, do not either. So I won’t offer them.

Let’s call it water under the bridge, shall we? I’d prefer you not throw the author into said water just yet. Hear me out – I have exciting plans for 2014. Here is what I’m working on just for you.

Firstly, there will be only two con appearances for me next year. I need to work and that means less traveling with its subsequent fatigue. You’ll be able to find me at WisCon, as usual and I’m planning to be at ConVergence as well. May our paths cross.

Secondly, I’ve been spending a bit of time contemplating exactly what to use this space for. Promotion, obviously. It’s good to have a place to tell you about upcoming opportunities to read, acquire, and hear my work. Perhaps the twitterfeed in the sidebar amuses you. I’d like to do more for you. So in 2014 I’ll start releasing some of my short stories as series here on the site. I’m thinking about the update schedule for these; shall I sprinkle the tidbits, one scene at a time, weekly? bi-weekly? daily? Decisions, decisions. I’ll have an update schedule in place by the new year and will kick it off on Jan 1st, no matter what the schedule turns out to be.

Thirdly, I’ve had people ask for ‘process’ posts – how do I do my work? I’m not sure I can really verbalize that for you. Some parts involve dark rituals that you’d best not hear about and, well, the deities involved might demand sacrifice from you. I see no need to commit you to such a path. Yet. Instead, I’ll share some of the more interesting bits of my research for each story as it is serialized in a series of it’s own.

And finally, I will be continuing the diaries and starting the character sketches project to introduce you to some of the people you’ll be meeting in upcoming books and stories.

To summarize, the pact is that I will provide you with a steady stream of speculative work for 2014. Look forward to dark far futures, strange fantasy realms, alternate histories both whimsical & weird, and quiet, creeping horror.

Until then, have a wonderful holiday season! See you in 2014.