From the Journal of Nicolas Comptes

The following is a fictional diary entry for a steampunk project.

3 March, 1879 Mexico City

The Tulip Switch sleight of hand trick is proving quite successful in both the ring and on the street. I have found it also works with other flowers, such as roses, daffodils, chrysanthemums, and even marigolds. We must use what is at hand, no? I must remember to remove the rose thorns in the future; I nearly gave away the trick when I pricked myself with one.

Speaking of illusions, Alistair continues to hone his presentation. He is turning into a fine showman with an eye towards balancing sincerity with a flair for the dramatic. He is even simulating the growth of a mustache. A fine sleight of hand not to mention amusing. I was, of course, consulted as to how to best achieve the desired illusion. I believe it to be a success given the teasing by the crew who do not know Alistair as well as I do, the shy smiles of the girls who pass on the street, and knowing glances from the gentlemen. One such gentleman assured Alistair that the awkwardness would soon pass. If only he knew.