From the Journal of Alistair Bhelen

These fictitious journal entries are part of a steampunk project I’m working on and an opportunity for you to become acquainted with the interesting and unusual people who comprise Professor Bhelen’s Medicine Show. 

2 February 1879, Brazil

Our journey along the coast continues without incident. The crowds welcome our humble show and Papa is pleased with the money we’ve made. Nicolas’ latest sleight-of-hand is quite astonishing and popular with the audiences. I will need to have a chat with the Erdos twins vis-a-vis our policy regarding new acts and the need for us to approve them before they perform them in public. We would have been run out of town before the show was even set up if Papa had not been there to smooth things over with the Mayor. I think I will find tasks for them involving setting up the tent next time and let Madeline and Nicolas go gather crowds. At least they don’t bring back lynch mobs.

I am most excited, however, by Papa’s announcement that I can now wear a mustache in public. Madeline has been helping me make them from my hair clippings and I think we’ve got a convincing paintbrush I can start with. I would prefer a full handlebar as it seems more in keeping with my role as ringmaster and showman for our troupe but Papa and Madeline insist this is too ambitious for me at this time. I am overlooking their hurtful comments about my youthful face for now. I will turn twenty this summer and certainly do not look like a lad of fifteen. I believe the mustache will help to emphasize this.